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Blu Atlas Atlantis | Honest Men’s Fragrance Review


Even a guy like me who owns hundReds of different Fragrances has his favorites. THat being said, when a fragrance like Blu AtLas Atlantis comes along, even I have to stop and take notice.

In today’s article, I’ll provide you with my unbiased BA Atlantis review to help you decide if it’s worth adding to your scent collection.

We will cover:

  1. My review: Does Atlantis by Blu Atlas smell good?
    • Is the stele of Atlantis good or bad?
    • Does Blu Atlas Atlantis have a good projection?
    • Longevity – How long is Blu Atlas Atlantis?
  2. Blu Atlas Atlantis: Notes Breakdown
    • Main notes
    • Heart notes
    • Base notes
  3. Blu Atlast Atlantis – How have others reviewed it?
    • Blu Atlas Atlantis Review by Top Notes
    • Blu Atlas Atlantis by Fragrance Doud Review
    • TLTG Blu Atlas Atlantis Review
    • Review of Blu Atlas Atlantis by Marga Son

My review: Does Atlantis by Blu Atlas smell good?


Let me get straight to the point – Blu Atlas Atlantis smells great.

It is a smooth yet citrusy fragrance tHat is perfect for men who want a brighter, more fun scent for everyday wear. Not too heavy, not too light – Ideal for the office or for the weekend.

I know – soft and citrusy sound like they shouldn’t go together. After all, a citrus acCord is usually tart in nature and distinctively bitter. This is true for the most part, but Blu Atlas breaks the mold slightly and uses a certain top note to help soften the citrus punch and create a unique silkiness to its fragrance.

More on this later.

Atlantis sillage: is it strong?


As you probably already know, the trail is the measure of the trail tHat a fragrance leaves when it is left on the Skin. Think of it like the wake a ship leaves on the water. The bigger the ship, the wider and longer the wake. The same goes for the stele of a colony. The better the trail, the more noticeable the fragrance will be to those around you once you’ve walked alongside them.

In general, heavier scents, such as oriental and woody fragrances, tend to have a stronger sillage than lighter scents, such as floral and citrus fragrances.

Atlantis by Blu Atlas is in line with this. Being a pRedominantly citrus fragrance, its sillage is moderate to soft. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Atlantis is not some overbearing fragrance that invades the noses of unsuspecting passers-by.

Atlantis is classy, ​​sophisticated and elegant. Sure, if you pass someone on a stairway or narrow path, they might catch a nice hint of your fragrance once you’ve passed. But for the most part, this fragrance is for the man who wants to smell good in a gentlemanly way.

Does Blu Atlas Atlantis have a good projection?


The projection is different from the sillage – although they are often confused with each other. While trail refers to the trail your fragrance leaves behind you, projection is more about the reach of your fragrance around you. In Short, it’s how far your scent can travel in all directions.

The projectionn is imporTant because it allows those around you to enjoy your fragrance, not just you. Think of it as your own fragrance bubble – the better the projection, the more the bubble of your fragrance spreads around you and the longer it will last.

Once again, as a result of Blu Atlas Atlantis’ citrus leadership, the projection of this fragrance is relatively Short-lived. When first applied, those around you will experience a pleasant hint of your fragrance. However, after about 90 minutes, expect Atlantis to become a Skin-level fragrance noticed only by those who get close to you.

Longevity – How long is Blu Atlas Atlantis?


Longevity is simple – How long does a fragrance last on the skin before it completely disappears?

When it comes to Atlantis, the longevity is pretty good. From the first application, you can expect a duration of between 6 and 8 hours. I would say that it is actually a little above average for a citrus fragrance, which usually starts out strong but dries down quickly and is completely gone in about 5 hours.

In my opinion, that’s all thanks to Blu Atlas’ use of deeper chords towards the heart of the fragrance’s life cycle. It’s almost as if they’ve used citrus at the top to give the fragrance a fresh edge at the opening, and then a mix of floral and fruity notes in the heart to help extend the longevity of the fragrance.

Blu Atlas Atlantis – Note Breakdown


Fragrances have three timed sections that come in a dotted life cycle, sort of like an evaporating pyramid of different scents.

Each of the three sections contains individual scents or ‘notes’, which come together in the overall fragrance that you end up smelling.

These are the individual building blocks of the scent. There are three different types ofnotes that make up an aroma–Top notes, heart (or middle) and background.

Main notes


Head notes:

  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Blackcurrant

This is an interesting mix of fruity and citrus notes that creates a unique combination of tart and smooth aromas. Bergamot and lemon are Tangy and juicy, while black currant adds a hint of sweetness. This makes for a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that is perfect for summer days or spring nights.

Bergamot is an interesting note. Although technically a citrus fragrance, many perfumers use it to provide a slight softness to their scents. As a scent, bergamot isn’t quite as spicy as its citrus brethren. It has a softer aroma that provides a perfect contrast to tart lemon and juicy blackcurrant.

Heart notes


Heart notes:

  • Lavender
  • Sage Clary
  • peach
  • Apricot

Once again, we have here an interesting mix of fruity and floral notes. Lavender is a very popular essential oil, and for good reason. It has a calming and calming effect on the mind and BODY. Clary Sage is another great option for relaxation, as it has similar effects to lavender. The peachn and apricot are quite sweet fruits, so they add a nice hint of sweetness to the mix.

It looks like Blu Atlas is experimenting withodor profilesin this fragrance On the one hand, they are driving sweet and invigorating fruity acCords that bring a punchy liveliness to the cologne. On the other hand, they also include some more calming and relaxing floral notes. It is an interesting mix, and I am very impressed by the unique fragrance that they have managed to create.

Base notes


Base notes:

  • Orris
  • Oakss
  • Violet
  • Ambrette seed
  • musk

Once again, an interesting mix at the base.

You can see the usual suspects here – musk and oakmoss are quite common in the base of many designer men’s fragrances. They help provide the slightly earthy, Green base that many of these types of scents need.

But then you have violet seed and ambrette, which are rare base notes in men’s fragrances. Violet provides a powdery sweetness to the mix, while ambrette seed adds a spicy kick.

What is really interesting is the continuous touch of citrus that remains during the drydown and in the base of the fragrance. Sure, it’s not quite as strong as the opening, but it’s definitely there and blends beautifully with the deeper, spicier base notes.

This creates a fragrance that is truly unique. Blu Atlas has managed to create a fragrance that simultaneously combines the freshness of a citrus cologne with the depth and richness of a spicy oriental cologne.

Blu Atlas Atlantis – How have others reviewed it?

I’m not the only one who has enjoyed Atlantis.

Many of my friends on YouTube have also given their honest reviews of the – so I thought I’d share them with you. After all, Atlantis by Blu Atlas has made a splash in the fragrance community – and here is the proof.

Blu Atlas Atlantis Review by Top Notes


Main notesHe opens his Youtube review commenting on the presentation and construction of the Blu Atlas Atlantis bottle.

He describes the high-quality metal construction and marvels at the pressure-sensitive atomizer. It is clear that he believes that a lot of effort has gone into producing a top quality product both in and out of the bottle.

The note breakdown is professional and accurate as always – he even rates the cologne 9.5/10. That is not an Easy rating to achieve from such a well-respected Youtube fragrance channel.

Blu Atlas Atlantis by Fragrance Doud Review


Doud Fragranceis incredibly positive about Blu Atlas Atlantis in the Youtube review of it.

He goes so far as to say that both he and his wife think it’s the Best fresh fragrance he’s bought and worn this year.

In his opinion, it equals (if not exceeds) the quality of the well-known fresh fragrances from Dior, Lacoste and Coach & # 8211; an incredible achievement for a relatively unknown fragrance house.

Fragrance Doud also talks about the quality of the notes, very much in line with what I mentioned above. Alson details her experience with the atomizer and how the pressure-sensitive metal plunger makes applying cologne a joy.

TLTG Blu Atlas Atlantis Review


TLTG Youtube Review of Atlantis by Blu Atlashe goes into a lot of detail about every aspect of the fragrance. He talks very openly about how much his wife loved the fragrance… saying that she picked up notes of apricot and peach mixed with citrus notes throughout the fragrance’s life cycle.

Interestingly, TLTG doesn’t actually believe this is a masculine fragrance. They even go so far as to say that women could achieve this if worn correctly. The light floral and powdery tones of this fragrance make it very versatile and wearable.

As for the price, TLTG takes a look at the quality of the fragrance and how it definitely beats the $100 price tag. It can keep up with some of the top designer fragrances, although I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it uses the quality of oil from more niche offeRings on the market.

Review of Blu Atlas Atlantis by Marga Son


When it comes towhat women think of Blu Atlas Atlantis, you should listen to the words of wisdom from Marga Son’s Youtube review.

She specifically talks about what she thinks of this fragrance when her partner wears it. In her own words:

‘I can’t seem to stop loving the scent of bergamot, lemon and black currant. A Weird Date Night – my husband seems to be more attractive when he wears Atlantis’

They even go so far as to rate it 5 stars – It’s his New favorite scent.

To be honest, I would agree. Blu Atlas Atlantis smells great – And at just $100 a bottle, it’s a great value, too.Head over to their website to choose your own – trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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