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Can cheap men’s clothing look stylish? | How to dress well on a budget


Cheap men’s Clothing: it has happened to all of us.

Sometimes a man just can’t afford to spend hundReds of dolLars on a New wardrobe.

But you have a big event coming up – and you want to look your Best! How are you going to make a good impression if you’re DRESSed in cheap men’s Clothing?

Renting a Suit and hoping no one notices tHat it doesn’t fit you?

Slow down, friend. Being cheap doesn’t always have to mean looking cheap. I guarantee tHat you can look cLassy, ​​well organized and professional in wHat you already have.

Today we are going to talk about how to get the Best bang for your buck when it comes to buying quality and stylish menswear andlook good without breaking the bank

We will cover:

  1. How To Make Cheap Men’s Clothes Look Stylish
    • Focus on FIT
    • Find quality affordable brands tHat are affordable
    • Change The Knot Of Your Tie
    • Change the color of your shoeLaces
    • Change your Grooming routine
    • Get rid of worn clothes
    • Be confident
  2. How To Efficiently Shop Cheap Men’s Clothing
    • Buy only the men’s clothing you need
    • Learn more about stylish clothing for men
    • Create a Men’s Clothing Shopping List
    • Consult the return policy of The Menswear Store

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How To Make Cheap Men’s Clothes Look Expensive

jacket waist alterations

Ok, let me clear this up before we start.

I’m not saying you should try to make your clothes look like fake designer clothes. DRESSing up isn’t about buying fake Rolex Watches to trick people into thinking you’re rich.

Instead, it’s about buying reguLar, affordable clothes that you can style to look the same QUALITY as more expensive clothes and Accessories.

For example, a cheap, well-made suit may look better than a sTandard $800 suit. The key is knowing what you need to do with your current, cheaper clothing to make it look as good as something you could buy at a high-end department store.

With that out of the way, we’re going to break down some of the Best styling tips to help you achieve that luxe look for less.

Style Tip #1: Focus on FITOf Cheap Clothes For Men

Style Pyramid

It’s a simple fact that anything in your wardrobe looks better when it fits you perfectly. And as long as you undersTand howDRESS for your BODY type, you can figure out exactly whatit needs to be adjusted in each article of clothing.

You don’t have to think about shopping right away – take a look at your Shirts and PANTS individually first. You can easilychange your clothesif you notice any of these defects:

  • Sleeves too long
  • Excess tissue in the torso area
  • Very little/a lot of space in the seat of the PANTS

A successful alteration can make the difference between an ill-fitting version and a perfectly fitting version of the same garment.

It costs money? Yes, but remember that you would still have to spend more on a New item. There’s no reason to scrap and replace something that just needs a few tweaks at the seams.

Style Tip #2: Find quality brands that are affordable

How To Budget For Professional Men's Clothing Piece By Piece

This one is self explanatory. The reality is that not all quality items have to put a dent in your savings.

The trick is knowing which brands offer those items. So that’s where it really helps to navigate this site.

For example, you might want a quality dress watch To add some extra flair to your suit or formal wear, showing that you have a keener sense of style than the other men in the room.

That’s what makes cheaper dress Watches such a great choice. Not only are they very affordable, but they are made to accentuate a stylish look.

The Best part is that no matter how old you get or gain weight: a watch will always come in handy. There is nothing about it that seems flashy or over the top. It’s just elegant 24/7.

Style Tip #3 –Change The Knot Of Your Tie


To get a better style without breaking the bank, you’ll need a different currency:time. You can’t amp up your next outfit without taking the time to figure things out.

That is the case ofTies. It’s tempting to put on your tie the same way you’ve done your whole life, but you’ll never know what a new knot can do for you.

pratt knot infographic

Here is a list of 18 different tie knots– along with infoGraphics – that you might want to study.

A new knot for your tie tomorrow may seem like you’ve transformed your style into a whole new one.

Style tip #4: change the color of your shoelaces

How To Lace Your Dress Shoes

There is a saying that women can tell a lot about men through their Shoes. And I agree 100%. Your Shoes are the last thing people expect you to take care of.

So if you’re like me and shine your Shoes every week, great! Keep up the good work.

But if you want to take your shoe style up a notch, I recommend spending a little money. Not for new Shoes, butlacesof a new colour. All you need is $10. It is not a joke.

You can find waxed Cottoncolored laces which are cheap but effective. They revitalize your shoes as if they’ve been made into a brand new pair. People at work and your wife will notice… and let yourself be impressed.

Style Tip #5: Switch Up Your GroomingRoutine


Hair plays an important role in your style. In fact,it is one of the most underrated assets. Think about it: your face is the first thing everyone sees (since we’re hardwired to look people in the eye).

Find ahairstyleto complement your face and show your personality. If you choose a random style, you’ll lose your chances for a great first impression.

You might want to stay on top of todaymen’s hairstylesWhat women love the most. I can tell you what various forums, articles and Reddit threads would agree on – a great haircut equals a better looking guy.


You can also try something different in terms offacial hair. If you normally have a beard, try shaving it for once.

Or if you’re so used to shaving regularly, consider growing a beard (unless it’s not appropriate for your line of work). Who knows, you may end up getting more compliments and feeling more confident because of this change in your face.

Style Tip #6: Ditch the Bad Clothes


Sometimes, we see 1 or 2 Shirts or PANTS that don’t fit us at all… and they can spoil the whole group. We might find that we are suddenly Short of good clothes, when the truth is that we simply haven’t taken out the trash.

That’s right – clothing that has no chance of being altered is pretty much trash. Put these clothes in a donation box or give them away to those who might have a use for them. Clear your closet of clutter by minimizing the number of options for your PERFECT pieces.

By taking the time to do this, you will be able to think strategically with the good things you own. You can startbuild an interchangeable cabinet– which will make your style decisions and dressing routines much easier. And that will also help you become a better shopper.

Style Tip #7: Be ConfidentIn Cheap Men’s Clothing

When Should A Man Buy A Pinstripe Suit

There is also a mental side to being elegant. You want to convey as much confidence as possible, without acting cocky. This is where you impress people by wearing attitude first, wardrobe second.

Learn to act moreconfident. Find that bit of courage to start conversations. Smile and greet people right away. Introduce yourself and offer a handshake.

These actions have a positive impact on your mindset… and your style suddenly looks even better. People will notice you more and see you as the cool guy in the room.

You can also try some “high-powered poses” that Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy describes in a scientific study. As discussed in hers  TED Talk, Cuddy was able to associate certain poses with people feeling more confident, less stressed, and more willing to take risks.

These poses aren’t complicated at all: some require you to stand tall like Superman or hold your arms out like you’ve just crossed the finish line. Try a little each day to helpboost your confidence.

How To Efficiently Shop Cheap Men’s Clothing

man showing off money and credit cards

Unless you buy all your clothes online, you will know the difficulty of going to the mall only to find an overwhelming array of menswear stores, each with different styles and price points.

If you’re thinking of sticking to cheap men’s clothing, it can be even more difficult to navigate the sea of ​​’SaleS!’ signs to find the right clothes for you.

As such, it is important to formulate a game plan. Like a soldier going into battle, you need to know what he’s doing and WHY he’s doing it. Get your ducks in a row before you set Foot in a store and the whole process will be much easier.

Before you even leave home, I suggest you go through this list of safety checks before you buy to assess what you need and how you plan to buy it for the Best price.

Buy only the men’s clothing you need

capsule wardrobe infographic

The amount of money you save is determined by the discount you get. Right?

Wrong. The most money you’ll save is by buying only the items of clothing you need.

I remember once buying this Orange Vest, and looking back on it, I don’t know what I was thinking.

It was around the year 2000 and I was a young Marine officer stationed in Carlsbad, California. I went to an outlet and saw this Orange Vest and knew I had to have it.

Of course, there were a couple of things wrong with him. However. the main problem was that it was Large and i wear a size Medium and i had no idea how it would fit into my wardrobe.

But this was great and it was 70% off so I bought it because I really liked it and it was such an amazing deal that I felt justified in buying it.

Since I liked it so much and it was such a sweet deal, I must have used it every day, right?

Not quite. I have this image in my head and it’s the reason I remember this vest:

I was riding my motorcycle and I had all these layers on and because of the layers I had on they kind of fit me but I wore it more as a signal vest so people could see me and I wouldn’t get hit by cars than for any other reason .

Where is that Orange vest now? I don’t know because I gave it away to Goodwill years ago.

The point is that we often buy clothes we don’t need and by not doing so you can save more money than any other way.

Learn more about stylish clothing for men

Top AMAZING Books To Read For Men

Our first point leads us to this because the best way to stop buying clothes you don’t need is to know what you need and for that you need to educate yourself.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve seen some of my articles or seen a couple of my Youtube videos and this is a big step in the right direction.

What you need to do now is watch a lot more of my videos and read a lot more of my articles until you know enough to make informed decisions.

I’m not suggesting you stick to your computer for a week and do nothing but peruse my content, but maybe instead of reading one article a week, try watching a video or reading one article a day until you figure out which one. it’s your style. and what you need to put together a good wardrobe.

The point is that you have to educate yourself.You need to look for a little bit of self-improvement every day and I think getting on the email list of someone who really resonates with you is one of the best ways to do that.

So find your Yoda – find the guy you really relate to and listen to what he has to say, learn a little bit every day and focus on educating yourself so you know what to buy.

Create a Men’s Clothing Shopping List

Ticked off checklist

One of the most important things you can do after reading this article is to make a list of what your wardrobe needs.

However, this list is a work in progress and will likely change as you get more educated and get a better idea of ​​what your style is and what you have in your closet.

In myMale Style SystemI’ve provided an exceptional list of what you need to develop your style, but if you’re just starting out and don’t know where to go, focus on what you think you need to get started.

Part of their service includes a list of the items you need and this can be a great resource to give you a better idea of ​​what you should be looking for.

What you wear will also be heavily influenced by what you do and where you live.

If you’re a lawyer in New York City, you’ll have different needs than if you’re a master electrician and you’re in Shawano, Wisconsin, and you’ll have slightly different needs in terms of what should be in your wardrobe.

But there are clothes that need to be in your wardrobe and that’s why you have to put together that list.

When you make this list, be sure to focus first on your needs and then on your wants. That tuxedo you’ve been eyeing may be a big wish, but you’d better buy a nice suit that you can wear to work.

Once you have identified and created your list, it will be very Easy for you to decide where you will spend your money.

Infographic - 16-Piece Interchangeable Wardrobe - Option 2

Certain pieces are investment pieces that you must have and other pieces that are nice to have, but you only want to spend money on them after you’ve invested in having at least one good suit.

ANDwhen I say a suit I mean the whole outfit:

  • a nice suit that Suits you both with the pants and the jacket of the same fabric
  • a light colored Dress Shirt that fits you well
  • a matching tie
  • good quality matching shoes
  • other related and matching Accessories such as a Belt/suspenders, cufflinks, etc.

Make sure you get an understated tie so you can wear it to a wedding and funeral. That outfit is a prime example of one of her go-to investment pieces.

The takeaway from this is that you need to have that checklist and a brilliant idea is to make it a shared document on Google Docs so you can solicit advice on your options from people more knowledgeable than you.

Consult the return policy of The Menswear Store

shopping mall

Whenever you go shopping, be sure to check the store’s or website’s return policy. I remember buying something on Lucky’s website that was a clearance item.

I didn’t realize until after I received the item and it didn’t fit very well that I couldn’tto return it because they have a “no return policy” on clearance items.

This seemed a little strange to me and I actually spoke to the manager and they agreed to it, but it’s one of those things you don’t want to have to do.

Make sure you work with or buy from a company or person that you can make a return to if you are not satisfied.

And don’t be afraid to test the waters so to speak. If you’re working with a custom clothing designer, you shouldn’t be looking to build your closet out of ten shirts at once.

Initially, he wants to get one shirt and get the fit and style right and make sure you’re happy with it before he builds the other nine shirts.

It’s not just about return policies, either, but about making sure you know how they deal with other issues, like having something that needs to be adjusted, repaired, or possibly exchanged.

So before you make a purchase, make sure you know what their general and specific merchandise policies are.


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