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cheap vs. Expensive Men’s T-shirt Brands | Which one should you buy and why?


Are you looking for a New men’s T-shirt to add to your wardrobe?

Look no further than my list of the top 50 avaiLable on the market today.

From high-end designer brands to more affordable options, there is sure to be something for everyone on this list.

So whether you’re looking for some New work clothes or want some new Casual tops, read on for some great recommendations.

BelLa and Canvas – $4.80 to $7.50

t-shirt brand

Bella & Canvas offers a wide range of colors and is a good fit for many men. It’s a cheap option, but for guys who wear a lot of T-shirts and change styles regularly, this is the Best brand for you.

Decathlon – $10

t-shirt brand

Decathlon offers a range of fits and textures – including a tight muscle fit tHat‘s great for athletics. If you’re the type of person who works hard in the gym and wants to show it off, check out Decathlon’s range of T-shirts.

Jack & Jones – $15

t-shirt brand

Jack & Jones is a recognized brand tHat produces quality at a reasonable price. Their jerseys are in line with this reputation – offering high quality material and fit at a price within the reach of most men.

Next Level (Amazon) – $15


Amazon brand Clothing is not something most men would consider when shopping for new T-shirts. However, most men would be wrong! Next Level clothing is pretty awesome – their T-shirts are cheap but they look great and fit like a glove.

Uniqlo – $20

t-shirt brand

Uniqlo is a quality brand – reflected even in their most basic T-shirts. For guys looking for some variety in quality, Uniqlo is perfect. They offer several different ranges of jerseys at different price points: – so there is something for every budget.

Be careful – some of her clothing is very “edgy” with boxy cuts and Baggy designs. Don’t buy blindly – Try it on before you make any purchases to make sure what you’re buying Suits your personal style.

GAP – $20

t-shirt brand

Who has not heard of GAP? It’s a safe bet for most guys, as they know what they’re getting is of high quality.

Your shirt is sometimes a bit baggy/relaxed, so it’s imporTant to try it on before you buy it. Even if you know you are a normal size, I recommend going to the fitting room and trying different sizes at GAP to make sure you get the Best fit for you and your BODY shape.

fruit of the loom – $20

t-shirt brand

Fruit Of The Loom t-Shirts get the job done. They are not amazing and will not attract attention, but they will prove to be reliable and good value for money. For this price, they’re a great option if you need to buy a T-shirt quickly in an emergency.

H&M – $20

t-shirt brand

Unfortunately, H&M has seen some setbacks in recent years regarding its quality.

Some men believe that compaRed to UNIQLO or GAP, H&M t-shirts just don’t measure up.

My advice? Hang out and see if you can snag an H&M T-shirt on Sale.Test the product and see if it meets your sTandard. If those other guys are proven wrong, then H&M can be a great option for guys looking for simple, minimalist designs.

J. Crew – $20 to $40

t-shirt brand

Another Classic brand, J.Crew t-shirts live up to its name as one of America’s most popular menswear brands.

When you buy J. Crew, you know you’re getting a reasonable amount of quality for a reasonably low price. That being said, many men have reported that their fits have gotten boxier and looser in recent years… so try before you buy!

Rothco – $25

t-shirt brand

Many guys believe that Rothco’s T-shirts are military-style. I can see what – Quite frankly I love the different designs available and I think Rothco produces some of the Best jerseys available at this price point.

Madewell– $30

t-shirt brand

Madewell t-shirts are fine, but since the brand name literally stands out that they are WELL MADE … I was surprised to hear that many men have had bad experiences with the strength of their Madewell t-shirts.

Some report that their shirts tear and develop holes in just a few months of use.

Salty Crew – $30

t-shirt brand

Salty Crew jerseys are in a league of their own when it comes to design.

With a strong nautical theme running through most of their apparel, these t-shirts are for the man who idealizes the idea of ​​fishing, boating and the old Navy lifestyle.

Bronson Manufacturing Company – $30

t-shirt brand

Bronson Manufacturing Co. has a great selection of regular T-shirts, Henleys, and Graphic apparel. When it comes to variety and quality, this company has it nailed.

Everlane– $30

t-shirt brand

Everlane’s t-shirts come in fairly boxy cuts, so they’re not for everyone.

Again, I recommend trying before you buy to make sure the fit and design are in line with your personal style and taste. Some say the quality is great, while others say it’s not worth it.

My advice? Try one on yourself and make your own personal judgement.

Reiss Shirts – $30 to $50

t-shirt brand

Reiss T-shirts can be described in one word: fantastic.

They are of high quality, look expensive, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. In general, Reiss opts for a tighter fit, so keep your BODY shape in mind and shop acCordingly.

– $35

t-shirt brand

Some men describe Jockey’s t-shirts as being of even higher quality than Calvin Klein’s. That’s a bold statement, but for significantly less cost, I’d say they’re at least worth checking out and trying on a few in your DRESSing room.

G-Star – $35

t-shirt brand

G-Star is an interesting brand. Some guys swear by them and wear entire outfits made by their brand… others think they are expensive rubbish that shouldn’t hit the back of any well-DRESSed man.

In my opinion, G-Star is a brand that can produce great clothes. But you have to be careful. Avoid buying onlineline and instead find a store where you can store the item you are about to buy. Make the final judgment acCording to your own expectations.

Mott and Bow – $40


Mott & Bow t-shirts are great.

They’re Classic, well-designed, and durable (as long as you take care of them properly).

However, for some men, their length may be less of an issue. If you have a bit of a daddy BODY or a beer belly, they may be a little Short on the body and risk revealing your lower torso. It doesn’t look good – so try before you buy.

Hanes– $10 to $40


Hanes are Classic and clean. If you are looking for flashy Hawaiian designs or funny Printed slogans, this is not the brand for you.

The fit is pretty good, some may have a problem with the sleeve being a bit wider, but that’s a personal preference. Again, I would avoid shopping online if you have never seen your clothes in person before – It’s important to try these shirts on and make sure they fit your style and body shape.

David Gandy WellWear T-shirt – $55


David Gandy is one of the most influential male models out there. He is well known for his classic English style and taste for timeless, quality clothing.

The él WellWear range of t-shirts have a slightly stretchy material and as a result have a slightly Slimmer fit. The sleeves are Shorter than average, but this is not necessarily a bad thing – it just depends on what you’re looking for in a t-shirt. Definitely worth a try at this price.

Express Shirts – $40


Many people have told me about the quality of Express shirts.

For the most part, they say Express Shirts makes really awesome Polo shirts and t-shirts that are high quality and great value for money. It is another brand that has been compared to H&M and comes out on top.

Tailored athlete – $40


As the name suggests, this brand Suits athletic men.

They are made to be wide through the shoulders and chest and sit comfortably in the midsection. So if you’re the type of person with great instincts, this one might be worth missing out on.

P&Co – $40


P&Co clothing is of a decent standard. This is a given considering the price … As we move towards the $40+ mark, there really is no excuse for poor quality materials!

The main complaint I’ve heard about P&Co jerseys is the customer service. Delivery is usually slow, which is not the best for a higher priced brand.

In short, P&Co T-shirts are nice, but nothing special.

Banana Republic – $40


Banana Republic is great for basic t-shirts. They are a well known brand that you can trust to provide decent clothing at a decent price.

When it comes to fit, BR t-shirts are a bit Slim in the waist, so make sure you try them on before you buy. Especially if you are a bit rounder in the tummy area!

American Giant – $40


When it comes to Solid, heavy-duty T-shirts, – American Giant is a contender.Their premium range is strong, but for finer Cotton, you should go for their classic range.

American Giant also offers a few different fabrics in their jerseys, so make sure you get an idea of ​​these different options before making a final purchase.

Mack Weldon – $45


For a quality mid-range jersey, try the Mack Weldon Pima. They’re pretty durable, look great, and are more durable than Everlane jerseys of a similar style.

Clothing cuts – $50


With Cuts, we’re heading to a new level of T-shirt costs. Your fabric is great – described as ‘buttery’ by a friend of mine – and it feels great on the body.

However, keep in mind that Cuts t-shirts fit quite long on some men’s bodies. Before you buy, take your measurements and make sure you won’t get buyer’s remorse!

calvin klein – $50


CK is a well-known brand. Let’s be honest, every guy recognizes the CK logo on his cologne, t-shirts, and Underwear. But how do their jerseys stack up?

Unsurprisingly, their t-shirts have a premium feel and look great. As they should, considering the price and status of the brand! If David Beckham has endorsed a brand, he wouldn’t expect anything less than A1 quality.

order – $50


The best part about Asket jerseys is the fit. They are tight in the right places and loose in the right place – making a t-shirt that fits perfectly and feels great!

Unlike many brands, Asket also has a top-notch customer service team. If you have a problem with your purchase or a Question about a product, chances are you’ll get an answer quickly and effectively.

Hugo Boss – $50


Another premium brand, Hugo Boss, is well known for its luxury menswear.

You don’t get to be that well known without producing some pretty impressive products. Fit and design are personal preference, so head into a Hugo Boss boutique and see what selections they have in store. You’ll soon find out if the higher price is worth it for you and your budget.

Dressman– $50


Dressmann is a good option for cheaper shirts. Better quality than H&M, but not as youthful and ‘trendy’.

As you know, here at RMRS we don’t believe in fashion. Timeless style is king, and Dressmann shirts offer exactly that, too, at a great price.

Vuori – $54


At the higher end of the spectrum, Vuori is a great option for quality men’s t-shirts.

With a focus on performance and functionality, Vuori’s t-shirts are perfect for active men who want something that wicks away sweat and keeps them cool during workouts.

They are also super soft and comfortable,

Tommy Hilfiger – $55


If you’re looking for designer quality without the designer price tag, then Hilfiger is a great choice.

His shirts are well-tailored and come in a variety of styles, from classic crew necks to trendy Henleys.

And with a wide range of sizes available, it’s EasyEasy to find the perfect fit.

Lululemon – $58


Best known for its sportswear, Lululemon also makes some great men’s t-shirts.

Their jerseys are designed with functionality in mind and are perfect for men who want a jersey that will keep them cool and dry during workouts.

They’re also super soft and comfortable, making them great for every day

Good life – $60


If you are looking for a more affordable option, Goodlife is a great option.

For many men, Goodlife is the go-to choice for basic t-shirts that are well-made and come in a variety of colors.

Todd Snyder – $60


At the higher end of the spectrum, Todd Syder is an excellent choice for quality men’s jerseys.

With a focus on luxury and style, Todd Syder’s singlets are perfect for men who want something that looks great both in and out of the gym.

They’re also super soft and snug, making them

Reigning Champion – $65


Another great option for quality men’s t-shirts is Reigning Champ.

Made in Canada from the highest quality materials, Reigning Champ’s jerseys are built to last.

And with a wide range of sizes and styles available, it’s Easy to find the perfect shirt for your body type.

Polo ralph lauren – $70


If you are looking for a classic men’s t-shirt, then Ralph Lauren is a great choice.

His Slim Fit Crew Neck Polo Shirt is a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style.

It is made of 100% Cotton and comes in a variety of colors – From bright Pink to deep Green, there’s something for every man’s taste.

Standard Edition – $75


At the more affordable end of the spectrum, the Standard Issue is a great option for men’s t-shirts.

His shirts are well made and come in a variety of colors and styles.

And with a wide range of sizes available, it’s Easy to find the perfect fit.

Pangaia – $80


Another great option for men who like classic, minimalist tees, Pangaia is a reasonably priced option that will last you for years without breaking the bank.

Pangaia is interesting, in many of their garments they use food remains as dyes and seaweed fibers – making them sustainable and friendly to the environment while being a bit weird.

Kitsune House – $80 to $100


Maison Kitsune has some great designs when it comes to their t-shirts. The quality is better than the high street shops, however, not surprising at all.

In my opinion, the quality of these jerseys is consistent with J. Crew. The price is slightly different and it is not for everyone, so check them out and decide for yourself.

Left field – $80


I would recommend Left Field to any man looking for high quality jerseys that are built to last.

For one thing, they’re made in the USA, which is something I always look for when shopping for clothes of any kind.

However, it’s worth noting that their size can vary slightly at times.As with many of these brands, see for yourself and try on for size if possible.

CDLP – $85


CDLP shirts are designed with a relaxed fit and beautiful tailoring.

They are made of lyocell – a natural fiber made from wood pulp derived from sustainable sources. This material provides superior breathability and a silky smoothness to the garment that makes them feel unique.

Unbonded Merino – $85


Unbound Merino shirts are very elegant and have a certain luxury that can only be found in a minimalist style.

You guessed it, they’re made from 100% Merino Wool, making them far superior to the cheaper, less elaborate Cotton t-shirts on this list. They can be worn for a walk, for a date or under a blazer for work – They are incredibly versatile and look great.

Percival – $89


Percival are a bit hit and miss.

Some of his designs are too immature for me. No man should wear a t-shirt with an eggplant on the front.

However, their more minimalist and timeless designs are really cool. They appear to be a t-shirt company of two halves … so make sure you choose a garment from the right side.

sun spell – $90


Sunspel’s price is pretty high for what they do.

Sure, there are much more expensive jerseys on the market, however these usually have some defining feature that justifies the higher price tag. In my opinion, Sunspel is a bit expensive for what is a normal jersey.

Lacoste – $100


Lacoste is well known for its preppy aesthetic and upper-middle-class style.

The lacoste Polo shirt is incredibly well known for this style – but what about the t-shirt?

To be honest, they’re pretty good! The lacoste logo bRings with it assumptions of quality and style, so finding a t-shirt that uses this logo is a good way to show that you know your quality clothing brands.

Tom Ford – $290


Anyone who has read any of my content will know who Tom Ford is.

But do their t-shirts measure up to the quality of their Fragrances and Suits?

Reports have varied. Some men I’ve talked to have found them too Skinny – to the point where her nipples would be easily visible through the cloth!

Others, however, love Tom Ford t-shirts. Obviously the quality is there, it’s just whether you like the style or not.

My advice is to go ahead and find a TF boutique where you can pick up a t-shirt and examine it for yourself.

Prada – $1400


Prada is expensive. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

You can expect to pay upwards of $700 for a single jersey, and I’m wondering if that’s an acceptable amount to pay for a jersey.

Sure, the brand is well known and makes you look loaded … but unless they’re tying their cotton with diamond filament, I’d stay away from Prada. It’s just a lot of money!

Do you want to know more about how to store and fold your t-shirts?See my guide here.


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