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Essential stylish accessories for men that fit well (and how to pair them with your outfit)


Let’s be honest gentlemen – every man should know howoutfitget up and look great informalclothes.

But designing aoutfitit’s not just about using ajacketandPANTS– it is much more complicated than tHat.

In fact, I would go so far as to say tHatAccessoriesyou get with youroutfitit pLays as imporTant a role in your appearance as the cut, quality and color of the garment itself.

This may sound like a tall order, but don’t worry, – We are here to help. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about customizing aoutfit.

Today I will show you how to combine:

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How to combine your watch with a suit


Clocksare the kings of menaccessories. You can use one anytime, anywhere by putting aseeon is part of most men’s morning routines.

I have deliberately put this point first becausechoose the right clockis the most imporTant decision you will make when it comes to youraccessories.

YouseeIt should always match the formality of your outfit. If you wear aoutfit, then you should wear a more elegant watch.

A metalbraceletor the Leather strap are usually the Best options forformalspecial occasions, but if you want to DRESS up, you can opt for a pocketsee.

Just remember – moreformalthe outfit, plusformalyouseeIt should be.

How to combine your belt with your suit

Belt Or No Belt When To Go Beltless

Just like with hisseecase and strap, you will wantmatch your Leathers and metalsto the DRESS code of the rest of your outfit (no costume Belts with a pair of Bermuda Shorts for a cookout). This includes matching the type of Leather, e.g. Brown Suede with Brown Suede.

There are proven rules about whatbeltto wear with Shorts,jeans, DRESSPANTSand Suits. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Casual: webbing, Canvas, Leather-backed Canvas, or coloRed braided leather.
  • Smart-Casual: Heritage workwear, embossed leather or rodeo belt.
  • Professional Casual: Smooth Stitched Leather Belt.
  • Business formal: stitched and polished smooth leather belt. Or consider trying suspenders.
  • Black Tie: Wear suspenders and PANTS without belt loops. (Don’t worry, if all you have are tuxedo pants with belt loops, the cummerbund will hide it.)
  • White Tie: Always tight.

NOTE: This doesn’t mean you need a million Belts, one for every DRESS code and shoe color you have.

As a starting point, I recommend a black or dark brownbeltto match the Shoes you wear to work, usually where you want to make the biggest impression. Then, try a smart-Casualbeltthat matches your favorite weekend Shoes that you wear to restaurants and events. Slowly build your collection from here, focusing on thebeltthat will work with most of the shoes in your closet and the outfits you wear when looking to make a good impression.

Of course, this process can be avoided if you haveinterchangeable Belts and buckleswhich can be changed depending on the occasion and the other metals and leather colors you are wearing.

How to combine your tie with your suit

dotted tie

Don’t buy a tie without something to pair it with.

Remember, the tie is the Accessory, not yououtfit. Buyjacketsand Suits first, then Shirts, and finally Ties.

If both the tie and the shirt have visible patterns, the pattern on the tie should generally be Larger (not necessarily different shapes; wide and narrow Stripes, for example, work well). Please note that although the tie pattern size rule is a handy guide, there are exceptions such as dot patterns.

Imagine themasculine style color wheelto coordinate Ties with Shirts andjackets. Opt for complementary, triad or analogous colors.

Cooler tones like deep Blue, Olive Green, and royal Purple are the most versatile—they don’t fight other colors for attention. Warm tones like Red, Orange and Yellow are more edgy to mix but more striking and pair well with a Navy or charcoaloutfit.

If you can only afford a few Ties, go for darker colors. They will be more versatile and easier to combine because they read more neutral.

Here again, match the level of formality. Shirts with bolder patterns, button-down Shirts, and Chambray shirts are more Casual and pair well with knit Ties and other casual ties. Simple Dress Shirts deserve nothing less than silk.

How to combine your pocket square with a suit

Blue Suit And Pocket Square

Even if theoutfitthe rental place recommended you for your prom in the past, yourpocket square should not match tie.You want coordinating colors but with contrasting, yet complementary patterns.

Alternatively, pick up the shirt orjacketcolors in thepocket square. Make sure it’s not too similar tojacketmake it disappear For example, with a Navy Bluejacket, White with navy polka dots is better than navy with White polka dots.

Matching hispocket squareto your outfit is not just a matter of matching colors and patterns. You also need to match the formality of your outfit. Mostformalcolor for apocket squareit is plain white. This is suitable for serious business suits and Tuxedos and is a good choice for a job interview. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s probably best to avoid a flashy floral pattern if your office has a strict dress code.

Another aspect of the matching formality is your choice offold pocket square. A presidential crease is the mostformaland subtle (goes perfectly with thatwhite pocket square), while the puff pleat is probably the most relaxed and flashy. Take a look at mypocket squarefold the infoGraphic to learn 9 different options.

How to combine your jewelry with a suit

diamond signet ring

Tie bars,twins,Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings must match the metals of yourbeltandseeand complement the overall style of your outfit.

Keep in mind that bright accents inherently draw attention, so use it somewhere that can take the weight of that. Simple is usually better.

You will also want to make sure to balance your wrists and hands. The human eye loves symmetry and balance: don’t clutter a doll with rings or a doll withBraceletsand leave the other naked.

If you are starting withaccessories, search forjewelryin dark, neutral colors (for example, a stonebraceletwith hematite, onyx). This will increase versatility and make youraccessorieseasier to combine. Look for Discreet Pieces: Men’s Stonesjewelrythey always have a stunning effect, and you don’t want to end up with an expensive Accessory that isn’t really appropriate to wear with anything.

Let’s not forget the Bags! Click here to find out why agreat Backpackis man’s best friend.

Add little extras to your outfits gradually as you start to get more comfortable with the general laws of accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find your own unique pieces.


Click here to watch the video: 10 Golden rules for wearing men’s accessories

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