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How to wear a black suit for men


A Black Suit is an interesting piece of Clothing.

While I would never recommend a man wear a Black Suit to the office every day, there are certainly times when it’s an essential piece of Clothing in a man’s wardrobe.

Today, I’m breaking down everything you need to know about how to wear a Black suit – from when to wear one to when to avoid it, and wHat you can combine with a bLack suit to make it more or less formal.

We will cover:

  1. Is a bLack suit only for funerals?
  2. How to wear a bLack suit in the office
  3. How to wear a black suit at a funeral
  4. How to wear a black suit in a winter wedding
  5. What Shirts and Ties go Best with a black suit?
  6. When should you avoid wearing a black suit?

Is a black suit only for funerals?


A black suit is Best known for one event in particular: funerals. After all, black is the color of mourning – and most men will have a suit in their closet purchased specifically for this purpose.

But when did this tradition originate? Black has been associated with death and mourning for centuries.

In fact, the black suit as we know it today originated in the Victorian era – when Queen Victoria popularized the all-black outfit as a way to mourn the death of her husband. Historians also trace the color black back to Roman-era funerals, where relatives of the deceased wore a black toga to indicate their state of mourning.

Dueling aside, though, a black suit is incRedibly versatile. It can be DRESSed up or down, and since black goes with just about everything, it’s Easy to find complementary shirts, ties, and Accessories.

Don’t know how to combine a black suit? Read on for some tips!

How to wear a black suit in the office


If you work in a traditional office, chances are you’ll be expected to wear a suit every day. And if you’re the type of person who wants to look like the boss, then there’s no better option than a black suit. Conveys authority and seriousness – perfect for nailing that big presentation or impressing your superiors at a meeting.

To style a black suit at the office, keep it simple. Pair it with a White shirt and a Solid color tie. While most colors should go with black, I always think a dark Red tie looks great with a crisp White shirt and black suit. It’s a Classic combination that oozes sophistication and style.

Depending on the type of office you work in, you can. being able to switch this up a bit and wear a shirt and tie combo that is a bit more ‘out there’. For example, a black suit with a lavender shirt and a mauve striped tie can be a great combo in offices where strict conservatism is on the table.

How to wear a black suit for a funeral

man in black suit at church

As we mentioned before, black is the traditional color of mourning. And while the origins of this tradition are somewhat murky, there’s no denying that black Suits are still consideRed the most appropriate Clothing option for funerals today.

To designWhen wearing a black suit for a funeral, the key is to look as respectful and discreet as possible. A funeral is not the time to make a statement – He attends to pay his respects, not to show off his latest tie purchase. As such, I would recommend sticking to a simple black suit, White shirt, and black tie ensemble.

How to wear a black suit for a winter wedding

smiling groom at wedding

While black Suits are often consideRed too dark for weddings, I think they can actually be the perfect choice for a winter wedding.

The key is in the style – You’ll want to avoid looking like you’re attending a funeral (see above), but still look elegant and appropriate. After all, a wedding is all about love and happiness, so you want your clothes to reflect that.

To rock a black suit for a winter wedding, I would recommend pairing it with a White shirt and tie in warm colors. A black suit with a dark Red or Green tie can look great – just make sure you avoid anything too flashy. While a wedding is a great opportunity to look your Best, you should never try to draw the attention of the bride or groom! So keep it simple and classy.

What shirts and ties go best with a black suit?


As we mentioned before, black goes with almost everything. That means you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to matching shirts and ties with your black suit.

In general, I would avoid any color that is too bright and on your face. A black suit is a refined garment – so bright primary colors may be too contrasting.

As such, I would recommend sticking to shirts that are light and pastel in color, such as:

  1. Lavender
  2. Light Blue
  3. White
  4. Off White
  5. Dusty Pink

If you go for something brighter or darker than these colors, you could end up creating too much contrast or too much shadow in your outfit. Black is a very strong color, so complementing it with softer, powderier tones is the way to go.

Your tie should complement the color of your shirt. Wear ties the same color as your shirt:

  1. Lavender shirt = ties in Purple tones
  2. Light blue shirt = ties in shades of blue (avoid Navy blue!)
  3. White shirt = most tie colors will work with this
  4. Off-white shirt = ties in earth tones like dark green and Brown
  5. Hot Pink = ties in shades of Pink or purple

When should you avoid wearing a black suit?

man at summer wedding in black suit

Black Suits are often considered too formal and dark for summer weddings.

A summer wedding is all about happiness, warmth and summer vibes – three things that people don’t usually associate with the color black.

As such, I would advise avoiding black Suits for summer weddings. Instead, opt for a lighter-colored suit in a Linen or Cotton fabric.

The same goes for black ties. A black tie can be seen as too formal and ‘stuffy’ for a summer wedding – so it’s best to avoid them altogether. If you’re determined to wear black, opt for a black shirt with a gray or light blue suit.

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