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The best men’s scarves to buy this winter (Style and material guide)


Winter is coming and tHat means it’s time to start thinking about men’s Scarves.

Why? Because they are probably one of the most imporTant Accessories a man can have during the winter months. Scarves can keep you warm in Cold Weather and add a touch of style to your outfit.

In today’s article, I’m breaking down the different styles and materials of men’s scarves to help you undersTand which one is Best for the cold winter months.

We will cover:

Types of scarves for men

Men’s scarves – there cannot be so many varieTies… Correct?

Incorrect – There are so many different types of scarf tHat a man can choose to wear in the winter months.

However, some are more appropriate than others when it comes to different events and weather conditions. Don’t worry, it’s not as confusing as it might seem. I’ve broken down the different styles below to help you make an informed decision about your own scarf needs.

Casual Wool Scarf

Gloves and scarf

First we have the Classic wool scarf – which is probably wHat most of you imagine a scarf to be.

The Casual wool scarf is made from a soft and warm material that is perfect for keeping you cozy when the weather starts to cool down. It can be worn with most outfits and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it an Easy choice for men who want to add a little fLair to their winter look.

This style of scarf is timeless – it’s the scarf you would have seen your grandfather wear in the ‘70s, and the style you’d let your kids wrap around the neck of a freshly made snowman this Christmas.

In Short, it is timeless and versatile – What more could you want?

Sport/Running Scarf

man ski scarf

If you’re looking for a scarf that’s made for more than just the cold, then look no further than the Sports/Athletics Scarf. This style of men’s scarf is designed to keep you warm and protected from wind chill during outdoor activiTies – whether it’s a walk around the block or a ski session in the Alps.

Sports scarves can vary quite a bit. Some are big and thick – designed for use in freezing conditions when snow and ice fall – while others are Slimmer and tie in the front to help keep your neck warm without feeling too tight.

It all depends on your needs. For those who do winter sports, a thick sports scarf made of wool is probably the Best option. However, if you’re simply going out for a workout every day, then a thinner scarf made from a more technical, sweat-wicking material is probably a better choice.

Business Casual Scarf

man in suit and scarf

If you need something a little more refined than the casual wool scarf but still want it to be appropriate for a corporate setting, then look no further than the business casual scarf. This style of scarf for men has been designed with the office in mind – Think of it as a scaled down version of the casual wool scarf.

Business casual scarves typically come in neutral colors like Navy, gray, and Black and can be used to add a subtle touch to any professional outfit. It’s also perfect for keeping you warm when traveling between meetings or heading to work.

While casual wool scarves are quite bulky with tassels at the ends, a business casual scarf is thinner and has a more refined appearance. Expect it to be Slimmer, Shorter, and more subtle than its casual counterpart.

Evening Tuxedo Scarf

suxedo scarf

If you want to add some extra flair to your evening look, then an evening tuxedo scarf might be the option for you. This style of men’s scarf is designed with formal occasions in mind – Think weddings, gala dinners, and special occasions that call for a ballgown.

Evening Tuxedoscarves are not designed to keep you warm. Instead, they are simply there to add style and sophistication. Expect it to be made of silk or other luxurious material, and to look refined when tied around the neck of a tuxedo or black Suit.

Bottom line: great for a fancy look, terrible for keeping you warm.

The Best materials for winter scarves

Some materials are warm and comfortable, others are not.

That is a fact – so it is essential that you know which winter scarf materials are best for the winter months. If warmth is your goal, then listen up.

Merino wool scarves

merino wool

Looking for luxury and warmth at the same time? Merino wool is the material for you. It’s one of the most expensive materials available for men’s scarves, but it also offers incRedible warmth and comfort. Merino wool works by trapping heat close to the Skin without feeling too heavy or bulky.

Thicker, warmer materials can be very itchy – That is why many men like Cashmere scarves. However, for some men, Cashmere is simply not possible. If that sounds like you, I advise you to take a look at merino wool! It’s a great cheaper alternative to cashmere, but still offers all the warmth and softness you could ever need.

Cashmere scarves

cashmere material

We have all heard of cashmere. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how luxurious and smooth it is.

Cashmere scarves for men are perfect for winterfor men looking for a Classic and sophisticated look– without giving up warmth or comfort. It’s one of the most expensive men’s scarf materials available, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend inVesting in a cashmere scarf this winter season!

For the gentlemen who think cashmere is out of their league,I advise you to take a look at a Cotton-cashmere blend. Many Clothing companies produce part-cashmere, part-Cotton blended garments that offer the same luxurious feel for a fraction of the price.

Silk scarves

silk material

Silk is a luxury – however, it is not warm.

If we are talking about the best scarves for men who want to stay warm, then silk is not the material for you. It is light, soft and luxurious – but it does nothing to keep your neck warm!

However, if you are looking for a men’s scarf with a little extra style and sophistication, then silk is perfect. Its thin material makes it ideal for tying around a Suit lapel or tuxedo shirt collar; adding a unique touch to any evening look.


fleece material

Fleece is an interesting material. Not exactly elegant, butif warmth is your main goalThen you can’t go wrong with men’s wool scarves.

Fleece scarves for men are designed to keep you warm when the temperature drops to freezing levels – And while they don’t look as fancy as cashmere or silk, they definitely get the job done!

Should you wear one to the office? Probably not – you need to maintain a level of style that a wool scarf will not satisfy. However, if you are planning a winter hike or trip to the mountains, a wool scarf is a must!

The key here is to think about your purpose. Is style high on your priority list? If so, avoid fleece … if not, then wear your fleece scarf with pride.

Polyester scarves

polyester material

For men on a budget, men’s polyester scarves are great for keeping warm without breaking the bank. Polyester offers decent insulation and comfort – although the material is not as soft as merino or cashmere.

It’s imporTant to think about how often you’ll be wearing your scarf as well; If it’s just for occasional use, the men’s polyester scarf is a great budget option. However, if you plan to wear your men’s scarf on a daily basis during the winter months, I would personally opt for a higher quality material.

After all, you don’t want to end up with a men’s scarf that looks and feels worn after just a few wears!

Looking for more information on how to TIE a scarf and look stylish?See my guide here.

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